hey im audrey i dont really know what im doing here /
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People who think porn is wrong really need to think more about humanity


Gr8 cool I will do that while u engage in the totally natural act of watching people you don’t know have sex, without knowing why they are there, if they are being forced into it, if they are underage, if they consented to every act, if they have to take drugs just to get through it, the possibility of diseases, and the overall consequences for porn stars mental health, the entrenched violence and misogyny, the faked orgasms and the ridiculous expectation of sex that it perpetuates. By all means beat off to that. But don’t tell yourself it’s good for humanity. Sex has always existed. Porn, particularly violent, hardcore porn, has not.

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ur so sweet : ) i love ur stlye of everythin really...i was gonna mention ur writing but in genral u are just such a awesome cool person being u. i wish i knew u more though

aw babybug thank u, talk 2 me!

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hi bug, so i really need the money so i want to put ads on my blog, but i have a similar blog to ours and i feel like it'd ruin it, what should i do

hey don’t b ashamed for needing money!! do what u want!

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audrey boo i made a horrible drunken mistake recently and i slept with my best friends brother and my bff knows but it's all awkward and i feel guilty and it's all v ://

aw don’t beat yourself up about it too much, she’s probably hurt and it’s understandable but all you can do is apologize sincerely !